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Job title
Account Director

Brandnew Campus
Cape Town

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Roles and responsibilities

New Business Acquisition

  1. Conducting introductions between the agency and key strategic personnel at established and esteemed brands, companies and other agencies that could potentially lead to retainer business.
  2. Inspiring your team to generate unique ideas and angles to pitch to new and existing clients, to encourage departmental growth and pipeline security

Staff and Workflow Management

  1. Managing operational and administrative functions to ensure that client expectations are exeeded, and jobs are completed efficiently, with flair and closed correctly
  1. Providing leadership, motivation, direction and support to your junior and peers
  1. Spending time with your junior/s within the Client Service Department to determine:
    • Current jobs and clients, their expectations and upsell potential
    • Whether we’re being uniquely creative and conceptual, and are solving our clients’ problems
    • Whether we are meeting client expectations and objectives, communicating in the most effective way, and providing relevant feedback each month which the clients sees as valuable.
    • Our pipeline and where gaps need to be filled, identifying angles and opportunities to plug these gaps
    • Fluid but structured communication paths between client and the agency, to ensure that the client feels heard and knows who is in charge of his/her brand
    • Monthly client analysis; working on successes, learning’s and improvement areas, advising your team on what adjustments could be made moving forward to better serve our clients
    • How we can improve and develop our offering
    • How better to achieve allocated targets
  1. Staff mentoring, training, management and monthly staff feedback to ensure each member of your team/unit is performing to his/her optimal levels, and then reporting this feedback into the Managing Director so that changes or issues can be sorted.
  1. Ensuring that your team is using the business systems which management has put into place, with checks and reminders sent on the 24th of each month so as to ensure your team sends their reports by month-end.
  1. Twice monthly check-in with the Management team

Financial Management  

  1. Working towards the annual departmental target and budget set by management, ensuring we keep profits and revenue high, and cost of sales low without under-delivering to our clients
  2. Negotiating down suppliers to give our clients a better price
  3. Working with management to identify key growth areas for the business and department, and assisting with landing this work, where necessary

Client work

  1. Receiving all briefs for the clients you are assigned to
  2. Unpacking each brief them with your team, strategizing around each one, identifying the unique angles, and ways to problem solve, and then working with your team to develop a proposal
  3. Creative conceptualisation, idea development, production and delivery of innovative solutions to answer our clients’ problems and objectives.
  4. Setting, communicating and maintaining timelines and priorities on every project to your team
  5. Cost Estimate creation
  6. Supplier identification, meeting, relationship building, negotiation and management
  7. Time Management
  8. Budget Management
  9. Project implementation and co-management
  10. Innovation and initiative work – coming up with creative concepts and campaigns for potential or existing clients which utilise and upsell each Brandnew Creative division
  11. Ensuring that you and your team work with each division in the agency to create collaborative synergy and come up with holistic ideas to present to clients
  12. Conduct final Quality Control review of proposals before they get sent out, ensuring chronological order and pertinence to the clients’ industry and desired outcome.
  13. Handing over of successful project metrics to the sales team, in order to better the sales pitch deck.

The candidate agrees that she is:

  • An excellent communicator
  • Inspiring and able to lead and motivate a team
  • A connector with a passion for people, events and the beautiful things in life
  • Brilliant with budget and timekeeping
  • Reliable at hitting deadlines
  • An initiative-taker
  • A Multi-tasker

The candidate agrees that she has the skills required to excell in this role, which include:

  • At least 5 years experience in client service, working for a reputable agency or firm
  • A marketing, advertising or communications tertiary education from a reputable institution
  • Excellent relationships with, and understanding of, luxury brands and suppliers
  • A super-creative, naturally inquisitive mind, with extensive experience in event conceptualisation and creation
  • Outstanding managerial and communications skills
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