Experiential Multichoice WeChat Activation

By April 5, 2016Blog
WeChat Wallet activation maze

Our newest client to date, WeChat tasked us to create an experiential event promoting their new WeChat Wallet from the 16th – 18th March 2016 at the Multichoice City in Randburg.

This is what went down:

The Brief:

As the MultiChoice City activation area was a huge space to work with, we had to come up with something that was:

  • Big enough that would grab everyone’s attention
  • Super exciting
  • Engaging and innovative
  • To encourage as many downloads of the new WeChat Wallet in a fun and innovative way
  • Inform customers of the wallet’s amazing features

The concept:

As the spinning wheel and prize cart were such a huge success from the internal WeChat campaigns, we decided to re-use these for the Multichoice employees. We also used a few new experiential elements like:

Rands in hands

We decided to introduce the “Rands in Hands” money booth whereby employees had 10 seconds to stand in the money booth and to grab as much ‘money’ as possible while the notes flew around them.

After the 10 seconds were complete, a promoter would count their money and the cash would be loaded into their WeChat wallet once they scanned the QR code. To add to the excitement, the money booth was fit with flashing green LED lights.

The amazing maze:

A huge green maze which formed the shape of a QR code from above was built overnight and left employees stunned as to how the area was transformed. The maze was equipped with 5 fun and interactive games inside including:

  • Dance Dance Revolution – dance against an opponent and whoever got the highest score got to scan the QR code and money was loaded into their wallet
  • Wire Tremblar – Required a steady hand to follow the shape of the wire game. The contestant got to scan the QR code if they completed the game without touching the wire
  • Wire Maze – Wiggle your way through the wire cables without touching them to scan the QR code and win
  • Ring Toss – try and throw 5 hoops on 3 different poles. Each pole has a different rand value
  • Basketball – try and dunk 5 balls in 30 seconds in order to scan the QR code

The maze also included facts about the wallet, screens on the outside showcasing the various games taking place inside the maze, smoke machines, iPads acting as stop watches, branding, a smoke machine and flashing lights.


Employees could also enter the WeChat raffle whereby they could purchase raffle tickets (using their WeChat Wallet of course!) for R1 an entry and stand a chance to win some phenomenal prizes including:

  • GoPros
  • Cameras
  • iPads
  • PlayStations

This element of the activation really showcased how effective the WeChat Wallet worked!

What a success!

The activation resulted in thousands of downloads and openings of the WeChat Wallet! The brand awareness generated was incredible and we showcased exactly how the wallet works in an innovative way, as well as generated a lot of business for Snapscan merchants.

The Multichoice activation was statistically the most successful WeChat Wallet activation to-date.

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