WeChat Wallet Activation

By March 14, 2016Blog
Smartphone scanning the QR code at the WeChat wallet activation

Tasked with coming up with and implementing a fun, quirky and experiential event for our newest client, WeChat, the Brandnew Creative Events team pulled off a stunner!

The Brief

The WeChat Wallet, the newest product offering from WeChat allows users to have a ‘virtual wallet’ on their smartphone which enables them to draw cash from Standard Bank ATMs, send and receive money, pay for goods and even buy data and airtime.

Our task? To create awareness of the product and encourage users to download the app.

The Concept

By designing a huge spinning wheel (Think old school game show) with sound, lights and the whole shebang, we allowed all the employees of Media 24 to have some fun!

People were invited by the WeChat promoters to step up to the activation area where once they downloaded the WeChat wallet onto their smartphones, and scanned the QR code, they automatically received R100 into their Wallets. They then had the opportunity to SPIN to WIN.

Everyone’s a Winner!

The great part is that wherever they landed on the wheel, they won something. Prizes included:

  • R20 or R30 straight into the Wallets after scanning a QR code
  • WeChat branded usbs
  • Earphones
  • Headphones
  • Credit card holders
  • Earphone holders
  • Designer pen set
  • Multi charger cable
  • Car charger

The Result

The WeChat Wallet activation was a sizzling success, with loads of engagement and downloads. The activation took place at Media 24 Auckland Park on the 1st and 2nd March 2016 – with more to follow, watch this space!

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Click here to view the full activation photo gallery.

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